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The Voice of My Beloved

Joan Englander©2019


Song of Songs:  2:8-13

“The voice of my beloved!

Behold, he comes leaping upon the mountains...”


Even as the challenges of life

seem overwhelming

even as I am unable to take charge         

to be in control

to even comprehend

what is happening in my life: 

I hear the voice of my beloved. 

He is coming to me

in my helplessness

causing me to delight in him. 

I am not alone, he is coming

leaping upon the mountains

of aging, of despair, sickness


changing my mourning into dancing. 

I know he is coming and gladness

begins to overtake me. 

He is coming

I am waiting for him and as I wait

I hear him calling.


“My beloved is like a gazelle…

behold he…looks in at the windows;

he peers through the lattice.”


My beloved is peering

into the window of my heart

my heart is left open for him.

He is peering in, he beholds me

not in my shame or helplessness

but in the beauty of my soul

in the beauty of my waiting. 

I have prepared a place for him

in my heart I am meeting him there

meeting his grace, abounding

like a gazelle dancing

on my heartstrings bringing

joy in the midst of trials.

“My beloved spoke, and said to me,

Rise up, my love, my fair one,

and come away.”

I am coming away with my beloved.  

My body may be chained to earth but

soul and spirit are carried off with him.  

I wait upon him, take my refuge in him

turn my spirit toward him and he enters.  

Now I live in him, no matter what

physical influences are around me

life is a moving dance in and with

my beloved.

“For lo, the winter is past…

the flowers appear on the earth…”

For the coldness of fear, anxiety, anger

Give way to love pure and sweet

my beloved sweeps me away into life

with him. Out of my heart blossoms

the flower of his song, an outpouring

of joy, of golden light warming

cold stones so long living in my heart

creating boulders of resistance.

“…the time of the singing bird is come…”

My beloved is singing his song of love

in me.  I am removed from the  

problems of this earth. I enter into a

haven where nothing can go wrong

all is in chorus, drawing me further 

and further into a sphere of

shimmering joy.

“…and the vines in blossom give their scent.”


My beloved is a vine wrapping

its fragrance around my heart.  

The divine vine of love embraces me

wraps me in blossoms perfuming

my thoughts and lifting my emotions

into songs of ecstasy.

“Arise my love, my fair one, and come away.”

No matter what is happening, I can endure because I have found my resting place

my sacred space wherein I can be free

from every problem

wherein I can dwell serenely.  

Because my soul is anchored to my

beloved, this earth life is not my

ultimate dwelling place.  

I have found heaven within me.

“My beloved is mine and I am his.”

                     L’cha Dodi  


Oh joy is my beloved!  

For his joy is mine and mine is his

we are mingled in the bliss

of our marriage vow.  At this moment

I am being wedded to my beloved

and he carries me

in the fragrant vine of his arms

leaping upon the mountains

playing the flute

calling me as he carries me.  

And I call to him out of the rejoicing

in my heart

a song that we sing for each other amidst

the tumult of the broken world I live in

when my body, senses, emotional

desires lock me in a prison of attachment

as they try to convince me

they are more real than my beloved’s

eternity.  I come away with my beloved

and am saved.

L’cha Dodi


I now dwell in our songs of ecstasy.

My dwelling place has become exaltation.

L’cha Dodi - My beloved is mine and I am his.

May all this be so.

May all this become a living flame of hope. 


End Note: This translation of Song of Songs is from The Jerusalem Bible, Koren Publishers, Jerusalem Ltd. Jerusalem 1969

The translation of  L’cha Dodi is from Song of Songs 6:3; Ah-nee l’dodi v’dodi lee, I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

String instruments in the music of this recording were made by Brian Lisus Violins

Jewish cantor: Mark Childs

Producer: Brian Lisus

Music in sequential order:

Brahms E minor cello sonata

Schubert arpeggione viola and piano

Tchaikovsky piano trio

Beethoven violin spring sonata

Bach: Art of the Fugue no 18 string quartet

Mozart dissonance string quartet

Sibelius violin concerto

Cesar Franck violin sonata

for dying
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