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Blessings for Letting Go of Friendship

Joan Englander©2016




I envision a cup of water

Offered into the great ocean of life.

May these waters make holy

My Gift of giving back to the sea

All that needs to be purified in me…




I offer in my hands

A sacred stone

And give back to You

what is Yours:  my friend.


I do this whether I feel like it or not.

I forgive

The brokenness in my friend & in me.


I offer gratitude for the love

You planted in us.

I give my cherished memories of my

friend & me, to You.


I release grief, anger, woundedness,


I yearn to be transformed.


I receive Your loving arms as my own,

    holding, comforting, & blessing me.

I desire only to love my friend then & now.


I turn to You, my Beloved

   as my deepest hope for love fulfilled.

Receive my longing to be one with You.


May peace & healing be with me

  & with my friend.

For all this, I bow.

Author’s Message: Prayers, Dreams & Wisdom

Blessings bring well-being both to the person you bless and to your own being. The act of blessing is one of the core offerings of a Healing Companion. This practice of love can uplift you. I offer a few blessings in hopes you will find some of your own.

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