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Message of Hope

    In this springtime year of 2020, we are acutely aware of the truth that some of us will live, some of us will die, much as a spring breeze will cause some leaves to fall and others to stay clinging to the tree of life.

    While it may not be possible to be close to someone you love just now, you can with your creative imagination, sow seeds of beauty, even at a bedside you cannot attend.

    The intent of this website is to bring beauty into the darkest hours, to recall the glories of spring while acknowledging the deep shadow of suffering that hovers over the world.

Dedication from the Author

    This website is the next phase of my book, Joy in the Evening of our Lives. It is intended to bring inspiration and beauty to those who are ill and to those in whom death draws near.
   “Even your death is not for you. Someone dying has a job. To die extravagantly. To set a table for whoever knew you and whoever didn’t know you. All are invited…” These words of former hospice shaman Stephen Jenkinson inspire hospice volunteers and those seeking inspiration at the end of life.    

    Whether you are a Hospice volunteer, family member, friend;  social worker, nurse, geriatrician, chaplain; whether you are simply a person who is depressed, lonely, unable to accept your fate; or you are longing to expand your spiritual life, this website may be a blessing to you. 

    You will find spirituality expressed from East to West; in nature,  the beauty of a child, moonlight smiling through your window, the sound of rain; you will find the God of Love as beauty within your own heart. This is an open journey to discover what is true for you, whether it be through religion, non-religion, belief or non-belief. Everyone is welcome here.

    Soul Care As We Age includes finding beauty and truth through the arts, creativity, wisdom teachings, soul writings that help balance the rigors of physical decline. Are we more than a body? Let’s find out. Let’s wake up and listen to Spirit. Let’s see if it’s possible to find joy in the evening of our lives.

    In spite of many trials, may joy be with you. May you know that within the deepest dark, a light blossoms into brilliance. That blossoming light is you.

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