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“To read Joan Englander’s book is dangerous to a callused heart and a remedy for burnout. She helps readers find the original compassion that led them to become people helpers. A healing book.”

—Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi,  Co-Author of From Age-ing to Sage-ing, A Profound New Vision of Growing Older

“I find your book moving and beautifully written. Your work verges on poetry.”
Murray Stein, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and Author of In MidLife: A Jungian Perspective

“An excellent guide book for achieving a full life. Read it now and learn to live before your sun sets. Loved the work and the stories.”
—Dr. Bernie Siegel, Ph.D., author of  Love, Medicine and Miracles

“Joy in the Evening of Our Lives offers a new paradigm for inspired aging. Longevity is one of the greatest achievements of the twentieth century, and Joy answers the challenges of adding 20 years to the average lifespan.” –– Dr. Robert Muller, Former U.N. Assistant Secretary General and Chancellor of the University of Peace


“I strongly endorse this wonderful and soul-enriching book. Joy in the Evening of Our Lives touched me emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Joan Englander's work offers a tremendous boost to physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists. Her Healing Companions® need to be integrated into modern medicine, bringing back the soul component into our work.”

— David Schechter, M.D., Author of The Mind/Body Workbook


“Joan Englander’s Joy in the Evening of Our Lives is so much more than a guide for healing companions to the elderly. Beautifully written, and filled with creative inspiration, Joy in the Evening is a revitalising experience for readers of all ages. It is a key that enables us to open our heart to others, to ourselves, and to our lives.”

Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D., Author of The Origin of Minds: Evolution, Uniqueness and the New Science of the Self


“An astonishing work. Joan Englander’s ministry has blended her own deep courage and spirituality with the needs of the elders she serves. A must-read for all who work with elders, from Hospice to clergy.” 

The Reverend Gwynne K. Schultz


“We are on the brink of another revolution, a crisis of conscience. We are making incredible technological advances but we have a disease of the soul. We need to get back in touch with our humanity, we need to reach out to one another. We need to care. This book will help if we have the courage to heed its message.” 

Sylvia Hansen, Administrator, Consultant, former Director of Nurses


“Joan Englander is a sensitive, compassionate woman who has a unique understanding of the consciousness of aging.  She is a pioneer in her field and makes a significant contribution for all of us.”

Gloria Kaye, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, former residential home owner


“Joy in the Evening of Our Lives has challenged my thinking about the coming changes of my own aging years. I want all my caretakers––especially my children––to read this book and understand its heart. It has given me hope that my life will continue to have many rays of joy. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to women across America caring for elders or who are concerned about the quality of life in their own later years.”

Georgina Morin, teacher


“Joan Englander’s integrity in approaching every aspect of her work with an open heart, a loving spirit and a creative mind is an inspiration for all of us who seek the sacred in every human experience. If caregivers everywhere took the wisdom of this book to heart, we might greatly lessen our cultural resistance and fear of old age or infirmity.”

Laurie Hope, MFT, Author of Creative Aging: The SAGE Guide to Group Facilitation


“This is a book that is needed, and will be on the cutting edge of a new paradigm for life enrichment for confined elders.”

Barbara Neighbors Deal, Ph.D. Psychologist, nursing home music therapist


“Health care professionals who are attuned to the importance of holistic healing may, like myself, stop and assess how they interact with their patients. This book is the missing link in the healing process. The veil has been lifted and God's essence, love, has been captured by Joan Englander.”  

Carole Cutler, R.N. former Director of Nurses


“Finally someone comes who has time to love me, an old woman. Because of the unspeakable joy Joan brings, I will never feel quite so lonely again. I had forgotten such joy existed. At night before I sleep, I listen to Joan's comforting voice on the prayer tape she made me. Every night she is my Healing Companion. To Joan I am a treasure, she has my good at heart, and I can talk to her about God. When I am with my other caregivers, I have many needs and wants. When I am with Joan, I have none. Joan loves me and that's the only thing that counts. Now that I have Joan, the world seems lit up, and the light is shining.”  

Rosemary Bleignier, age 90 Former interior decorator and ecumenical minister


“Who tries to help our thoughts, to help the inside of our hearts to rejoice in God, if not for Joan? She brings such beautiful thoughts to all these people in the nursing home who do nothing every day. You never know whose heart she will touch. I see the spirit of God behind her work completely.”

Joseph W. Tousignant, age 98 Former brother of the Sacred Heart Community in Canada and Maine

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