Remember me when I Call*



Christian Caregiver Song 

Enjoy singing or speaking this song originally written as a prayer,

now a song composed and rewritten by Mary Davis.

Jesus My Heart’s Desire

Jesus, Beloved One of my heart,

Yours are the healing hands I long for.

You are the blessing within my soul,

The deepest center of my being.




So I offer my life to Your hands of healing;

As through darkness You walked,

As through darkness You died in,

Grant me to pass through this darkness with grace

As I die to myself to find life in You.

(As I die to this life to find life in You.)


Lift me into Your risen light,

Light of pure love, that has no shadow.

No shadow cast by Your turning away;

You’re ever with me, creating me new.


Copyright 2019, Joan Englander, Mary Gross Davis


Christian Prayer 

Jesus, Awe of sacrificial love 

Love willing to give up everything

To bring hope to a broken world

to our broken selves 

broken for everyone; for me, you 

all great beings that lived 

before and after him. 


As you did not resist your death

may I not resist mine

even as I may sorrow over leaving this life.  

Whatever anguish I experience

may it be a sacred expression of 


this small agony of mine offered up 

for those who suffer so much more

may their trials be lessened.  


May I never lose sight of holiness 

contained within agony for 

suffering brings alive your life story 

yours and in some small way



Your story as it moves from agony 

into transcendence

light given into a brighter light 

than ever before 

a healing for the world of tomorrow. 

Standing at the foot of your Cross

I forgive. This is my prayer:

Remember me when I call.


Caregivers remind me:

“When you pass through the waters, they shall not overflow you, and

through the rivers, they shall not overcome you.  When you pass

through the fire, you shall not be burned, neither shall the fire kindle

against you.  For I am the Lord your God and I call you by your name. 

You are mine.” (ISA 43:2)

            “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” 

L’cha dodi. (Song of Songs 6:3)


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