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Who we are

  • Healing Companions are sponsored by Joan Englander's elder soul care training programs held in churches, synagogues, healing centers, senior centers, and geriatric facilities.​

Our Intention

  • To provide holistic services in eldercare that enrich the quality of life.

  • To provide close relationships with elders to ease isolation and boredom.

  • To provide inspiration, acceptance of the inner self, and lifelong learning.

What we do

  • Healing Companions are skilled in deep listening.

  • Healing Companions draw upon the arts as a way to deepen relationships.

  • Healing Companions offer spiritual inspiration and emotional comfort.

  • Healing Companions are ecumenical. They share wisdom teachings from the world's spiritual traditions, and pray with elders when appropriate.

  • Healing Companions create rituals to celebrate special occasions.

Where we go

  • Healing Companions visit elders in need of physical care in private homes, senior centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes.

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