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Celebrate daily your birth and the birth of your loved one.

Frequently dwell on this present moment, the gift of life. Discover the wondrous purpose for being alive. Cultivate awe. Become fully alert to life within you and all around you. Be awake to miracles, a birdsong, sunrise, children’s laughter. Reclaim joyful meaning when you feel dull, uninspired, and half asleep to the wonders of life.

Know that you are not only your body. 

Inspire yourself and your elder to go beyond your physical selves, to accept a non-physical dimension to life. Contemplate there is more to you than a body, incessant thinking and unstable emotions. Contemplate life as mystery. 

Remember that you are not the sole helper. 

Refrain from trying to be of help by thinking you will always do it right. Give up the false idea that you can be a giver completely by your own strength. Open yourself to breathe deeply, and allow energy to flow through you from the Source of Life. Allow that Source to do what needs to be done, through you. You will experience less stress, more joy.

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