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Joy in the Evening of Our Lives by Joan Englander, is a lyrically written, uplifting, holistic journey of true stories and guidance that can transform the warehousing of elders in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Joy in the Evening guides readers into becoming Healing Companions, which any reader can achieve. Through the eldercare visits of Healing Companions portrayed in this book, readers will discover elders who:

  1. Find joy in the midst of grief.
    Are released from excruciating pain through musical prayer.

  2. Share profound thoughts in spite of mental confusion and severe memory loss.

  3. Near death, sing and make joyful dance movements in their beds.

Many people would like to feel at ease when caring for their elders. The journey of Joy in the Evening challenges, inspires, and changes the thinking of everyone who gives eldercare. Readers will discover tools on how to:

  1. Become revitalized and energized during eldercare visits.

  2. Communicate through the arts, prayer and meditation.

  3. Reawaken the will to live in elders who feel useless. 

  4. Create healing moments that bring peace and hope to both elder and Healing Companion.

  5. Connect to a spark of inner wellness in spite of physical or emotional pain.

Many elders wait in boredom, sleeping for hours, mesmerized in front of a TV day after day, year after year. This is how they wait for life's sun to go down. Aging does not have to be this way. Elders can have joy, meaning, creativity, intellectual and spiritual challenge in the evening of their lives.

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